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How to get your NUTRA creatives approved on Facebook Ads?

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

To create approved weight loss creatives on FB, we must understand how FB works in the reviewing process.

FB use an artificial intelligence bot to review the creatives, as these bots have been programmed with specific commands that they adhere to while reviewing creative.

To bypass Facebook's artificial intelligence bots, we must adhere to some things and points through which we can create approval and successful creatives on FB.

What we will mention in this article are points that we reached after testing thousands of creatives on FB, and they are a summary of more than 7 years of experience in this field. This creative is the work of one of our clients:

Creative design to Keto Burn
Keto Burn

1- Product size:

During the creation of the creative, we must ensure that the size of the product is consistent with the size of the creative so that it is clear in the creative and clear to the customer. We prefer to put the product in the middle of the creative, to work to obtain better results.

2- Caption:

We must make sure that the caption is short. The best captions are those that are short and eye-catching. Captions within a creative are as important as the rest of the elements.

3- Caption wording:

We must also be careful that the caption does not describe the product directly. We do not want to talk about the number of pills inside the package, for example. We don't want to mention the components of the product directly. Let us create a weight loss plan for a month, for example, targeting customers :).

4- Colour coordination:

Try always to choose harmonious colours, because these colours have an important role in the approval process and in the success of the promoting process to deliver for more customers. Harmonious colours usually attract the viewer to pause for a while on the creative.

5- Arrangement of elements in creative:

The arrangement of the elements of the creative must be taken into account, as it is very important to follow a specific style for creativity. We take care of the importance of each element and the size and colour of each text in the creative design, as the size of the title of the creative design must be larger than the size of the two subheadings, such as payment method, delivery options, and the availability of the product.

6- Less text = more chance for approval:

The less text, the more approval and success, but this doesn't mean that we don't add any text to the creative, but we must take into account that the caption is short and simple.

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