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How to get your CRYPTO creatives approved on Google Display Ads?

Google announced changes to cryptocurrency advertising policy coming in January 2024. Failure to comply could result in account termination.

But there are some tricks and tips you can do to bypass Google Ads verification

Google Ads and Bitcoin Currency
Google Ads and Bitcoin Currency

1- Many sizes:​

Images are the most crucial element of Responsive Display ads. To achieve the best possible results for Responsive Display ads, we recommend using as many variations as possible.

Top-performing ad sizes according to Google:

Landscape image (1.91:1)

Recommended size: 1200 x 628

Minimum size: 600 x 314

Square (1:1)

Recommended size: 1200 x 1200

Minimum size: 300 x 300

Portrait (9:16)

Recommended size: 900 x 1600

Minimum size: 600 x 1067

and we also recommend testing these sizes:

Large Rectangle: 336 × 280

Inline rectangle: 300 × 250

Half Page: 300 × 600

Large Mobile: 320 × 100

Leaderboard: 728 × 90

2- High quality images = High quality Ads​

images you select, they should be with high quality, because that affects how quality the Ad is, For best results, avoid images that are:



Excessively filtered

Outlined with a border



Visually skewed

There are many sites that provide high-quality images:


-Adobe Stock



and more...

*Use single images. Collages aren't recommended.

*There are many effective and approved Ads banners that do not require images, just fonts and bold colours and can also produce significant results.

3- Only focus on short text​

When designing Google Ads banners, simplicity of text is key, Focus on one short and directly text and message.

You can create effective and approved Ads banners that drive user engagement and encourage click-throughs to your landing page.

4- CTA button​

Adding a Call-To-Action button to your ad increases the click-through rate, use a bold colour to make it stand-out and choose your words carefully.

These phrases will trigger the audience to click on your ad. Typically, the CTA is positioned in the bottom half of a Display ad.

We recommand this CTA phrases:

Click Here

Learn More

Watch Now

Register Here

Good Luck

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